I'm Jason!

Hi there! My name is Jason Barrett and I'm a 21-year-old Commerce student and part-time Marketing Assistant from Wicklow.

I am currently halfway through the second year of my Commerce degree; which I am studying in NUI Galway. I also work part-time as a Marketing Assistant for a Motor Dealer in Kildare and have practical experience in the automotive industry for over two years.

I have worked as a Marketing Assistant in two large Motor Dealers in Kildare over the past two years. Working with cars has always been a passion of mine and I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunities I have had to immerse myself in that passion. 

I have plenty of experience and interest in Social Media & Digital Marketing and I am currently the Social Media Manager in my current Marketing role; which involves offsite work as well as onsite.

I am an easy-going, co-operative, motivated and flexible person and Iove working around strong, stimulating and forward-thinking people. If you feel like reaching out to me, please do! (Even if it's just for a chat).

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